Saturday, December 06, 2008

At Least They're In A Nice Neighborhood

Arcadia, CA

When did Arcadia become the prostitution center of Southern California? Bad enough cops seem to just be catching on to the problem, now they're getting it shoved into their faces by the johns.

Police responded to a report of a robbery in progress and shots fired at an upscale ranch house on West Palm Avenue in Arcadia. When they got there they didn't find a robbery, but they did find a whorehouse. Gracie Gao, 57, and Steve Wang, 58, were arrested on suspicion of operating a house of prostitution. They were nabbed along with several other people as they tried to duck out the back.

Police are thinking that a pissed off john called the cops on the place. That's gotta burn. All those juicy potential arrests sitting there right under their noses and they find out because some guy's happy ending's not happy enough.

Personally, I think that shows a lack of imagination. A john called on them? Why not a competitor? If there's one brothel there's another and they don't exactly undercut the other guy by slashing prices. Thorats, maybe, but not prices.

Arcadia, I think you're about to have yourselves a bigger problem.


Anonymous said...

This is very funny stuff. I'll make sure to pop by here from time to time.

Mad Science said...

According to the news story I heard on KCRW, the two main perps are being held on misdemeanor prostitution charges.'s a misdemeanor to operate a house of prostitution?

Man...I'm in the wrong business.