Wednesday, December 17, 2008

But What If I Want To Kill An Elephant In Hollywood?

Los Angeles, CA

As you're probably aware, Los Angeles has a bit of a gang problem. More to the point we have a gangs with guns problem. So, in order to combat this, Mayor Shiny Teeth (seriously, do those things sparkle or what?), proposed some gun laws earlier in the year that are designed to track the sales of ammunition in the city. The City Council is expected to pass them today.

Setting aside the problems of who exactly is going to enforce these new laws, where the money will come from, and the fact that the gangbangers are getting their ammo out of the back of a Buick off Normandy instead of in, you know, a store, the thing that jumped out at me is this:

ban the sale of .50 caliber ammunition and cartridges
This is a problem? The fuck uses a .50? There's the Desert Eagle, sure, and the Barrett. But really, if you're going up against sniper rifles that can crack an engine block a mile away you've got bigger problems. How often are people getting shot with these?

Now, I'm not actually opposed to these laws. I'm opposed to photo-op legislation that does nothing but make politicians look good. Yay! We banned bullets nobody's using! That they're not going to get from legit dealers, anyway! Woohoo!

Now how about we get our act together and actually put together some real plans to deal with the problem rather than some of the side effects. Come on, Shiny Teeth, you wanted the job, now go ahead and finally do something with it.



Mad Science said...


If some tweaker pulls a gun on my at a gas station, I don't care what caliber it is.

Also: the CAPTCHA on this comment is "ourgat" Our gat?!?!?! Weird...

Peter said...

Shiny teeth doesn't have it in him. The issue doesn't have a high enough benefit-to-image:difficulty ratio. A 5 minute appearance on a KIIS drive-time show would do much better for him.

Midtown Miscreant said...

Here in Kansas City our dolt of a mayor joined some coalition called mayors against guns, or some such crap. It's really proving to be effective, in that our murder rate is set to break it's previous record. We also had a wack job let loose with one of those 50 cal.'s a couple of years back. Shot a couple of EMT's and several cop and fire vehicles.

Anonymous said...

How did you know I drive a Buick?
Who are you?