Saturday, January 03, 2009

Another Fine Holiday Tradition

L.A. County, CA

Nothing ushers in a new year like multiple homicides and New Year's Day saw five in L.A. County.

Vannaly Tim, 24, and her boyfriend, Sarith Em, 25, were both shot, seemingly at random, when they went outside to move their cars in Long Beach, leaving behind a very confused six-year-old boy.

Saul Soriano, 41, pissed off at his son for complaining about his drinking started waving a gun around at his family in Panorama City. He was killed by police after they had trapped him in the attic. On checking his car, they later found a home-made grenade. Guns, explosives and alcohol. Normally a fun weekend, not so much this time.

Adrienne Davidson, 46, shot her husband in Pomona and then turned herself in to the police. Very civic minded of her.

A man was shot at a house party off Coldwater Canyon in North Hollywood. They're withholding names right now and no arrests have been made. My money's on some D-List celebrity being involved. Because, you know, we don't have enough of that crap in this town.

And finally, an unidentified man was stabbed to death in Pico-Union.

What a fucked up way to start the year.

Last year we only had two murders; Jonathan Fernandez, 25, and Jason Grey, 29.

This year five. How about we ditch that whole "Begin as you mean to continue" stuff and just let this be a blip and not an omen for the year. Or is that asking too much?

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pattinase (abbott) said...

This is what's coming home from Iraq around here.