Thursday, January 08, 2009

Making Money The Old Fashioned Way

Torrance, CA

Financial advisors are always telling you to diversify your portfolio. Spread things out. Stocks AND bonds. Hookers AND blow. Counterfeiting AND robbery.

Earnest J. Alexander, 41, has been wanted since August after being linked to a counterfeiting ring that dumped $6.8 million of fake cash into circulation. Must not have been a very good product. No twinkle in Abe Lincoln's eye, maybe. The other four men involved are all in custody. Nine years for one, up to twenty each for the other three.

Apparently, fake bills will only carry you so far. Alexander's also been a suspect in a series of follow-home robberies. People leaving casinos in Gardena or Commerce are getting jacked when they get home.

He did it again Wednesday. Tailed a woman, took her purse, ran away. Hit a trash can while police were chasing him. Stopped him cold.

Sad. Should have aimed for a light pole. Would have been more showy and maybe not as embarrassing.

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