Thursday, February 05, 2009

Might Have Trouble Collecting

Covina, CA

When you break your lease you usually have a penalty. Maybe some back rent. Maybe you lose your security deposit. They don't really care if you bailed to another town, moved in with your boyfriend or, apparently, were murdered and set aflame by a psychopath in a Christmas Eve massacre along with most of your family.

Alice Ortiz was killed in Covina along with 8 members of her family on Christmas Eve when a Santa Claus clad Bruce Pardo walked in to a party, started shooting and sprayed race car fuel over the whole house, burning it to the ground.

Alice left behind her son, Michael and her daughters Monique and Cecily, who were living in her apartment with her. A few days later the apartment's mamagement company showed up with a bill for $2821.23 claiming "insufficient notice to vacate."

You're right. She really should have called them up a month ago and said, "Hey, I'm gonna be leaving in a hurry on Christmas after a psycho burns me alive and leaves my children motherless, so think of this as sufficient notice to vacate."

This is the part I love:

"I asked, 'Do you really want to enforce this?'" Nord recalled. "Their response was, 'Our lawyers say we can.'"
Nice way to avoid the question there, folks.

It's nice to see that human decency is alive and well in these troubled times. And that the good folk of this management company (no word on who it is - yet) are such ball-less cowards that they're hiding behind their lawyers, too afraid to answer a simlpe question.

Cover your ass, people. It's the American Way.

(Hat tip to Brett Battles for bouncing this my way.)


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Kerry said...

I would have loved some contact information for those angelic souls at the management company. 8^) Just to, y'know, express my appreciation for their decency.