Sunday, March 08, 2009

When A Phone Call Just Won't Cut It

Los Angeles, CA

Gone are the days of the anonymous phone tip. No longer will police hear hushed tones in a shady Hollywood bar from a guy with no name. That's right, it's a new era. We've moved up to the 1980's.

The body of Denise Figueroa, 22, was discovered in the trunk of a car in Valley Village yesterday after a fax was sent to the KTLA-TV station detailing the location and the name of two suspects, Christopher Bullock and Adele Chapel.

A fax.

I get it, it just sounds odd. You want to give a lot of information in a brief time. So write a letter. But letters take too long to send and the body's already pretty ripe. So fax it.

Preferably from a blocked number. And not a Kinko's. Otherwise that whole "anonymous" thing sort of goes out the window.

Figueroa's uncle showed up at the crime scene the same day saying he spoke with someone who was supposedly the last to see her alive. And the guy apologized to him for hurting her.

I can't see the tipster remaining anonymous for long. So, less a tip or confession than a headstart to get out of town?

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Midtown Miscreant said...

Whats next, Twitter Tips?