Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Harm, No Foul

Los Angeles, CA

Few years ago, when Compton was having its worst homicide epidemic ever, the city started doing a Gifts For Guns program. Turn in a gun, get a gift certificate. Worked pretty well. Then the economy tanked and it started working better. When you're out of work, living off food stamps, a couple hundred dollars in groceries for a beat up old Tec-9's a pretty good deal.

So they've started farming it out.

LA County Sheriffs did one this last weekend in Hawaiian Gardens, pulling 347 guns off the streets. Couple weeks ago they got 244 in Rowland Heights.

In fact they've got events all over the Southland this month and next.

At this rate they should have a few thousand off the streets, or out of people's closets, garages and sheds, by summer.  And wouldn't it be nice to go into a hot LA summer with fewer guns on the streets?

So, yeah.  Great idea.  Love it.  But.

Authorities did not run ballistics tests on any of the collected firearms to match them up to unsolved crimes, in hopes that it would encourage Angelenos to participate in the program.
When you're collecting a few hundred guns at a time what do you think the chances are that at least one of those has been used to commit a murder?

Now me, I wouldn't trust them. They could always be *gasp!* lying. And I can think of better ways to dispose of a gun, most involving a hacksaw and a couple dozen dumpsters. However, they're not taking names. So if you've just finished up a tri-state killing spree and you're looking to unload that .45 you used to take out everyone in a Mojave motel last month, these are the guys for you.

And you might get some snacks out of the deal.


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Chris said...

Man, I hope they're lying. The odds they could close a case or two are too good for them not to be.

And I like your hacksaw idea -- I'll have to log that for future reference along with my thought to scratch up the inside of the barrel with a screwdriver and chucking both gun and screwdriver into the ocean. You know, for fiction purposes.