Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Is How The Apocalypse Starts

Corona, CA

When we finally elected a black man to the White House, rednecks, bigots and assorted conspiracy freaks started buying guns. Lots of guns. And not just guns, but ammunition. So much ammunition, in fact, that the Corona Gun Fair can't be held this year because there isn't enough available.

I don't know about you, but that scares the living shit out of me.

One of the things about the Fair is that you can buy ammo to run through various guns that are being sold. Over the course of a weekend they go through a LOT of ammo.

And goddamn is it fun.

But you see a lot of die-hard Ted Nugent fans out there, too. Not exactly known for their restraint or rationality. And these are the people who are stockpiling ammunition.

So I recommend everyone else do the same before there's none left.  Balances things out.  Yes, even you pacifists.  At the very least you can justify it by saying you're keeping bullets out of the hands of psychos.

In fact, since tomorrow is Buy Indie Day go down to your local independently owned gun store and pick up a piece, whatever rounds are available and a spare magazine or two.


Gerard Saylor said...

There has been a supply problem for a few years because of fighting two wars. Production is going to the military and the military's increased usage has raised prices on components.

I hope to attend an IPSC shoot later this month but may have to hunt around to get just a couple hundred rounds of 9mm.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

I own a couple of guns, but the gun nuts scare me. Someone recently tried convincing me Obama is taking steps to have every cartridge tagged with some sort of special code to make tracing it easier. When I pressed this person for details, he couldn't give any except that reloading equipment will be outlawed. It sounded like something he got from a mass e-mail and accepted as fact. That has to have sent some of these chuckleheads on buying sprees. Hey, when reloading is outlawed, only outlaws will have reloads, man.

Gerard Saylor said...

I've wanted to start reloading but I hear that storing powder and primers can cause problems with a homeowners policy.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Looks like it's a combination of things leading to the shortage.

Serial marking ammo was debunked years ago. It's unreliable and cost-prohibitive.

That said, here in California we have a law that was signed in 2007 to start putting tech into new semi-auto handguns that would use a laser to etch a micro-stamp into the brass showing the gun's make, model and serial number.

Last I heard it's supposed to go into effect next year.

That's a good point about the reloading, Gerard. You could probably check with your agent.

Or you could just not tell them.

Greg said...

Nice irresponsible piece of commentary there. I think if you'll check, you'll find that the vast majority of people buying guns aren't doing it because they're rednecks or bigots or conspiracy nuts. It has nothing to do with a black man in the White house.
It has to do with a Democrat in the White House who, based on previous statements and actions since taking over as President, is more likely than not to start putting restrictions on gun purchases.
Are there some of the off-kilter types you mentioned buying guns? Of course. But to say that most people who have bought guns since Obama took office did so because he's black is pathetic and unprovable.

Anonymous said...

really...I didn't KNOW I was a redneck,bigot or conspiracy freak.I thought my gun purchases were based on the growing and reasonable fear that certain guns would become even HARDER to get,and that the cost was going to go nowhere but up...If you ever planned on buying some guns ,it would seem that the time to do so would be BEFORE they became rare and/or (more)expensive.
Holder (New att. Gen. who is a...white guy!) scares me more than Obama ever did...Yet ANOTHER guy who is just going to do things 'his way' --whether legal or not...
How come it's OK for Obama or Dems like him to say thses scary, dividing comments like "people who cling to the guns and their Bibles" (or whatever he said in SF during the election) and have it forgottten right away?How come the guy says the Rev.'s his "mentor" and then pulls the "well...I never listened to him when he talked like that before.."
"growing up Muslim(in Malaysia) was the'defining point in my life"...THEN it's written off has 'barely remembered when he's close to winning..

It is NOT because he's Black...It's because he's justy has much of a wealthy ,lying ,removed -from -the -rest -of -us ,has every PREVIOUS politician.
Red or blue,Back or white...They're ALL rich ,insulated ,and have NO idea what it is like to worry about food,bills,crime...I would rather have guns and not need them than need them and not have any...Hurricane Katrina was enough proof for me that there is a VERY VERY good chance that if 'something' goes wrong,we're on our own for awhile...

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Struck a nerve, did I?

Greg said...

Yeah, it's amazing the nerves you can strike when you start making things up that slander a group of people.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Somebody needs a hug.

Greg, you're not a redneck psycho. You're not a bigot. I get it. Now lighten the fuck up.

I'm not calling all gun owners psychos. I happen to be a gun owner, too. Which doesn't really bolster my case, now that I think about it.


How thin skinned are you? And why are you taking this personally? I don't even know who the hell you are.

I know that for myself, when I'm having a really strong reaction to something, it's usually a good idea to ask why. Just sayin'.

Like this. Why am I even wasting my time addressing you?

Have to say, I am surprised that you're back. This isn't a case of, "Someone is wrong on the internet!" is it?

Because if it is, okay. You win. Knock yourself out.

Hope it makes you feel better.

Greg said...

Sorry that you're surprised I'm back. Truth is, I visit your blog fairly frequently because I think it's a nice combination of West Coast crime news/commentary with the occasional post about noir fiction.

I'm not thin-skinned at all, but when you claim that the guns & ammo shortage can be blamed solely on racist nutcases I decided to call you on it. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't think that was an accurate depiction of what happened and you have yet to provide evidence that it's true.

And while a like a good hug, I don't really NEED one. Unless you're offering...?

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Damn. A rational response.

And here was me hoping for some good old, frothy indignation. This is what I get for drinking in the middle of the day.

I considered briefly bringing up the fact that Obama has gotten more threats from hate groups, which have skyrocketed in the last few years, than any President ever.

But that's a straw man and doesn't address your argument.

So to concede your point, no, I don't have evidence that the entire shortage is due to nutcases. Or even part of the shortage.

But I think it's a pretty good bet.

I'm not sure that data's even available. Or should be.