Monday, April 06, 2009

Your Morning Dose Of High Culture

Mira Loma, CA

Swan Lake is a tragic ballet wherein two lovers kill themselves rather than be kept apart by a powerful sorcerer, causing the magician to lose his powers and die.  The Swan Lake Mobile Home Park, on the other hand, appears to be a seedy little meth haven where two lovers (I'm assuming here) are stabbed to death by a dumpy looking estranged husband, causing him to go on the lam and be pursued by Sheriff's deputies.

Okay, not exactly a strict parallel but work with me here.  It's not every day I get to tie Tchaikovsky to a trailer park.

Juan Jesus Perez, 42, is wanted by Sheriff's deputies for the stabbing deaths of his wife and another man Sunday morning at the trailer park. Seems there was an ongoing "domestic dispute".  What a great euphemism that is.  It's so good at hiding just how fucked up things can get between two people.

Anyway, Juan is 5 foot 9, 230 pounds. Drives a gray 2006 Camry. California plates 5SPB227. You know where he is, y'all might want to step back and just call the cops. (951) 776-1099. 

I wonder if Juan will do a little dance before the cops take him out.


Anonymous said...

your stupid,shes a stupid chick who cheated on her husband,,,lovers??
noT!! damm get yer storyy straght before u go an say somethin like this on the internet,,,

Anonymous said...

an no there not dead

Anonymous said...

YOU IDIOT! I know them. She did nothing wrong. It's a soon to be Ex-Husband with serious jealousy issues! Evidently the restraining order was not enough. And this other man that was stabbed was a gay friend from school!

Midtown Miscreant said...

yeah, get yer storyy straght.
who doesnt love a good whiskey tango love story. Ill see your swan lake and raise you a Mayfair trailer court, Kansas city's finest. some nice pics about halfway into the post.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

And they say trailer parks can't be classy.

Anonymous said...

Okay everyone, get it right! I know them both personally and it was not even in a trailer park but rather where the victim now lives. She may not have deserved the stabbing but she is to blame. If you are going to leave your spouse, then leave but don't start messing around when the ink of your divorce paperwork is still wet. He is and will continue to be a jealous man but she's a stupid BIATCH!! She was living dangerously and fucked UP!! She knows how he is and still asking for his help is just plain stupid! Now she will not have any child support, spousal support, nor money coming in. The kids will grow up without their Dad and that's sad. If he's on the run then he'll continue to be on the run or they'll catch him and he can't pay much while he's in jail. If you ask me, she FUCKED up!!! And for the record that was a boyfried she was fucking around with and that's not her first time. That's no excuse to what he did but she knew what she was doing and got burned!