Friday, May 15, 2009

Fashionably Poor Judgment

El Monte, CA

There's this video from the other day of an El Monte police officer kicking a suspect in the head after a high speed car chase. Apparently the suspect, after being run down, flops to the ground with his arms and legs out and the officer runs up and punts his head like a football. Just so you know, this isn't about the kick.

No, this is about fashion.

See, besides being the officer in the video, George Fierro also owns Torcido Clothing in El Monte. They sell t-shirts with logos, pictures, witty sayings. Things like LA County Jail: 1750 High Power Module, which is the section they stick the shot callers for the Mexican Mafia to keep them isolated. Or 186.22, which is the penal code for a sentence extension for a crime committed in prison for the benefit of a gang. And the ever popular 11550, the California Health and Safety Code for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Starting to see a pattern here?

Yes, it would appear that officer Fierro is the owner of a clothing store that glorifies gang life.

This is either a conflict of interest, chutzpah or just plain stupidity. I honestly don't know which. Maybe he's using it to conduct his own sting operations? Keep tabs on the bangers who come into his store? Keep your friends close but your enemies closer?

In which case, bravo, officer Fierro. Good luck with that.

Officer Fierro also appears to have had some issues with the higher ups, having filed a civil suit last year alleging that he has been passed over for promotion time and again due to having reported on the unethical behavior of his fellow officers. The case goes to court in September.

I wonder if he's aware of the irony.



Mike MacLean said...

… “punts his head like a football.” Not even close. He gave the kid one quick, sharp kick. As a gangbanger, the punk has probably received far worse being jumped in. I’m sorry. I can’t feel pity for a guy after he’s likely endangered dozens of people’s lives in a high-speed chase. Did the cop do the right thing? Of course not. But it was a far cry from the brutality imposed on Rodney King.

I’m FAR more bothered by the cop’s gangsta clothing line. He shouldn’t lose his job over it; he has a right to free speech. But if I were one of his fellow officers, I’d want to give him a boot to the head. What the fuck is he thinking?

The sheer weight of the irony is hurting my head.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Yeah, the kick was pretty weak. He really could have put a little more oomph into it.

What I'm wondering is what makes Fierro think the clothing line was a good idea. The guy's job is to put his customers into jail.