Monday, June 29, 2009

I Thought They Shot Them When They Crossed The Border

Beverly Hills, CA

Some guy hung himself in a stairwell outside the Beverly Hills City Hall on Sunday.  Bet you're thinking it was somebody famous.  Because, you know, only famous people live in the 90210.

But nobody panic!   Sergeant Kelly Spedden of the Beverly Hills Police Department sets us straight:

"This person is not a celebrity, and we believe he was a local homeless person."

Well thank god for that.  For a second there I was scared the paparazzi were going to explode or something.  There's only so much an asshole with a Nikon can shoot in a day, ya know?

So, just some random homeless guy.  Eh.  We'll get the butler to take him out to the curb later.  Trash pickup's on Tuesday.