Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now That's A Confidential Informant

Los Angeles, CA

Back in 2007, Luis Angel Garcia, 23 days old, was hit by a stray bullet in MacArthur Park by an 18th Streeter going after one of the street vendors for not paying "rent". Shitstorm ensues. Police, regular citizens and La Eme all want this guy's hide. So his fellow 18th Streeters, how's this for honor among thieves, take him down to Mexico, strangle him, toss his body into a ditch and speed away. Only they forgot to actually, you know, kill him.

And, my aren't paybacks a bitch.

The trigger man, named in court records simple as "unindicted co-conspirator #1" (I'm pretty sure his name is Giovanni Macedo) is in protective custody helping prosecutors build their case. Obviously it's a plea deal. He was charged last year in the baby's killing. The guy's going to go away for a very, very long time.

But in the meantime he's going to make some people squirm. The 114-page indictment charges members of Columbia Lil Cycos, a branch of 18th Street, with racketeering charges involving murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, and kidnapping, among other things. They've also got an attorney they're accusing of acting as an intermediary between La Eme and 18th Street.

Taking these guys down is a lot like eating an elephant; a bite at a time. Undercut the foot soldiers, you can disrupt the power structure. Hopefully, eventually, you can damage the infrastructure enough that it slows them down and makes things better. For a while at least.

Now if we could just make some room in the prisons.


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Gerard Saylor said...

Every time I read about a Latino gang I remember watching American Me.