Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guess Which Way That Zillow Estimate's Going

Los Angeles, CA

Part of a real estate agent's job is to prepare the property they're showing for prospective buyers. Make sure the place is clean, looks nice. Maybe light some nice smelling candles before the clients arrive, turn on the air conditioning. At the very least check to make sure nobody's left a corpse on the living room floor.

A body of a man was discovered at a foreclosed home over by LAX by a real estate agent and a client.

No word on who he was, yet, or how long he's been there. Hopefully not more than a day. In this heat things get ripe fast and when you get dead anything into a carpet the smell lingers no matter how many bottles of Febreeze you dump on it.

Like the housing market wasn't depressed enough. On the plus side you can probably shave a little off the asking price.


Gerard Saylor said...

You know what this reminds me of? I still haven't read that Charlie Huston book.

ron oliver said...

i now must officially declare my love for you Stephen. This is the best post in internet history.

Mike Sperry said...

My main suspect would be: the client. What better way to get the price down than to off somebody and leave them in the house you're going to look at?

Gerard Saylor said...

Hey, that's a great plot right there, Sperry. I guy who flips houses for a living decides he wants a lower price before he buys.