Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Nerd Doth Speak

Ever heard of The Nerd of Noir? You should. He's a favorite round these parts. A man of powerful insight, of discerning taste.

And he says "fuck" a lot and I respect a man who speaks his mind.

Anyway, he's gone and reviewed Uncage Me over at BSCReview.

Seems he enjoyed it.
Thankfully, not only is Jen Jordan’s masterfully edited anthology chock-full of scrub-your-fucking-brain nastiness, the writing ain’t too shabby neither.
And that, my friends, is high praise indeed. The Nerd is not one to hold back. He is quick to vilify and slow to praise. If he thinks something sucks he goddamn tells you it sucks, why it sucks, how it sucks. You cross The Nerd, you fucking know it.

And this doesn't suck.

And hey, what's this?
Favorite novelists Allan Guthrie, Scott Phillips, Victor Gischler, and Christa Faust are rocking the fuck alongside short story extrordinaires like Greg Bardsley, Patrick Shawn Bagley, and Stephen Blackmoore.
See that? Right there?

I'm fucking extraordinary.

The Nerd of Noir. Listen to him. The man knows of what he speaks.


Ben said...

Is The Nerd of Noir a literary Augur? Who knows?, but he definitely seems to have good taste.

inkgrrl said...

Yes, you are extraordinary babe. The perps of Uncage Me are all in mutually good company, sick fucks that y'all are ;-)

Kieran Shea said...

You know, if I'd packaged UNCAGE ME I would've included an accordion fold of sanitary wipes as a book mark, maybe with double-sided bios. I feel sticky.

Gerard Saylor said...

It just shows that every man has a price.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Jed Ayres blogged about Uncage Me yesterday:

Chris said...

You should put that on a business card. Congrats!

Mike Sperry said...

That's awesome, Stephen! You really are a damned good writer. Nice to see other folks agreeing on this.