Monday, July 20, 2009

Uncage Me Uncaged

I'm hearing rumors that the Jen Jordan edited anthology Uncage Me has been released into the wild, ready to be shot, gutted and roasted for dinner. Or, and this is just an idea here, read.

And in case you're new, or have just tuned out the blatant self promotion, my story, Like That Japanese Chick What Broke Up Van Halen is in it. Guns, drugs, blowjobs and heavy metal. Can't beat that with a stick.

So far I've not seen any copies gallivanting through the underbrush, but if you do, let me know. Take a picture of yourself with a copy and send it to me. And if you're cute and naked even better.

Preferably with boobs.

And not a guy. I really can't stress that point enough.

So, now that that's cleared up, here's the list of kick ass writers.

Scott Phillips
Declan Burke
Bryon Quertermous
Steven Torres
Brian Azzarello
Gregg Hurwitz
Tim Maleeny
Nick Stone
Martyn Waites
JD Rhoades
Simon Kernick
Patrick Shawn Bagley
Victor Gischler
Greg Bardsley
JA Konrath
Stuart MacBride
Allan Guthrie
Christa Faust
Blake Crouch
Simon Wood
Talia Berliner
Maxim Jakubowski
Pearce Hansen

And an incredibly well thought out, erudite, and just plain bitchin' foreword on breaking boundaries by John Connolly

Really, what more could you ask?


Chris said...

What more, indeed? Congrats, Stephen. You're in good company.

Oh, and can I send a picture if I tuck it back?

(Word verification: "weenesse". As in, if you don't want to injure yourself tucking it back, it'll take a certain measure of weenesse. Jesus, I can't believe I just typed that. Gotta stop dipping into the wife's pain pills.)

Stephen Blackmoore said...

I don't know. You got boobs?

inkgrrl said...

Ooh, I wanna see pictures with boobs too. I can only spend so much time looking at my own, after all.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Hell, if they come by the house, I'll sign the book AND their boobs.

Gerard Saylor said...

It is a neat line-up. I especially enjoy Gischler's work, and Faust's porno novel was excellent.

Too bad you're in there to lower the curve.

Anonymous said...

Another attempt by Fancy Pants Saylor to draw attention to himself. Ms. Saylor, why don't you just do the correct thing and write "congratulations"?

Heck, we just ordered the book about 5 minutes after the soft-handed, Doritos eating, twit typed in the above comment anyway.

Midtown Miscreant said...

Sorry no breast-izus here, move along.

Kieran Shea said...

I owe you a drink. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

when groupies send naked pictures, its genuine evidence of sincerity. still, with disrespect to no one, i must admit to preferring ones with boobs, no sausage, and no tuckbacks :)

Scott Phillips said...


In addition to your story's raunchy greatness, it has the best title I've heard in a long time...