Saturday, September 12, 2009

In Case You're Wondering What To Get Me For My Birthday

Seriously, holy fuck.

And of course, it would be South African.

*Hat tip to Dusty Rhoades for the link.


JD Rhoades said...

Cool, innit?

Dennis Venter said...

" would be South African..."

I got my daughter one for her seventh birthday. Goes nicely with the BXP 9mm that her grandparents gave her - because, ya know, we South Africans are a feisty lot.

So how many of y'all are coming to the world cup next year?

Gerard Saylor said...

Haven't gun laws in SA become as crazy - crazier even - than California? I've read that crime rates in some parts of SA are insane but that firearms ownership, even for self-defense, has become more and more restrictive.

It's difficult for me to tell the truth about this. Some sources on information are convinced communists are taking over and some sources just hate black people.

Michelle said...

Great for the asshole who cuts you off.

Actually, would be pretty useful for the idiot who's buzzing his ex's house with his plane out by my mom's house. People are getting a bit irate with him, of late.