Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mix And Match

Lancaster, CA

Hey, school started this week. Kids going to classes, meeting new teachers, connecting with old friends, finding severed hands.

The hand was found yesterday afternoon near Challenger Middle School in Lancaster. Cadaver dogs searched the area, but didn't come up with anything else.

So the cops went out to the rest of the city looking for the guy who might be wondering where his hand went.

They found him.

Or parts of him, at least. Maybe.

A torso was found about 20 miles outside the city. But where's the rest?

This rate they'll find a foot in Palmdale, somebody's ear off the 138. Maybe a head in Mojave.

But will they all be from the same guy?


David said...

Reminds me of the feet washing up on the shore of British Columbia, although those are from different people and may not have anything to do with murder.

Midtown Miscreant said...

I found an ear yesterday in my backyard. In Kansas City. Where do I send it?

Never mind, it was one of those pig ears the dogs carry around.