Monday, September 21, 2009

Since This Accounts For About A Third of My Hits

Pasadena, CA

Isaac Campbell. In Pitchess awaiting a preliminary hearing for murdering his girlfriend Liya "Jessie" Lu and stuffing her into a trashcan. Was supposed to have gone before a judge on September 9th.

Now it's been postponed to October 7th.

Oh, vaguely interesting coincidence for those of you who care, David Del Toro, the fire captain (who accounts for another third of my hits) accused of killing his girlfriend Jennifer Flores and then dragging her a quarter mile down the road after her body (let's hope it was her corpse and not, you know, her) fell partway out of the back of his truck leaving a long line of viscera right to his doorstep, has his new trial date set also for October 7th (just plug in Deltoro and David into the appropriate fields and you'll get him).

I've lost count how many times this guy has had his trial delayed. From what I understand it's not for trivial matters. Last I heard lack of warrants were being questioned, as well as what evidence could and could not be used. And the prosecutors want to throw together the best case they can.

Del Toro was picked up in August 2006 and Lu was found dead in September 2007.

The slow and steady grind of justice keeps rolling on.


Gerard Saylor said...

It may be slow but it doesn't sound steady.

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