Sunday, September 06, 2009

Training For Pitchess

Malibu, CA

Camp Kilpatrick is a juvenile probation center just off of Malibu Canyon Road. Kids go there when they've been naughty. Sometimes when they're there they continue to be naughty. Sometimes other words for 'naughty' are 'race riot'.

A fight broke out between African American and Latino inmates Saturday night. Took some dosing with pepper spray to stop it. Two staff and a slew of inmates injured. Twenty-three were split up and moved to separate facilities.

If it's one thing we know how to do in our jails it's riot. Look at Pitchess up in Castaic in 2006. How long did that go on for? Five days? Six?

L.A. County Chief Probation Officer Robert Taylor has this to say about the fight.
We'll be looking into the causes of this.
Oh come on, Einstein, it's not that tough to figure out. It's because you're cramming a bunch of hormone driven adolescents who want to kill each other into the same goddamn bunk room. The fuck did you think was going to happen?

Jails run along race lines. The Latinos hang out with the Latinos, blacks with blacks, whites with whites, etcetera and so on.

Jails are not melting pots. They're powder kegs.


David said...

Down these streets rolls a lemonade stand:

Gerard Saylor said...

This reminds of of one of Eddie Bunker's memoirs. Bunker had a story about one guy (about 15 yrs old) getting stabbed to death in fron of him in a Juv. facility.

Bunker also said that - according to Bunker of course - race relations in the '50s and early '60s were calm with no divisions in CA prisons. Divisions and violence based on race did not start until the mid or later '60s.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Thanks for the lemonade stand, David.

Gerard, I've heard much the same. Things shifted in the Sixties. Loss of jobs for one generation, a new generation coming in with no prospects.

If you trace the events and causes out I don't think you can come to anything that doesn't end in violence.