Sunday, October 18, 2009

So, 'Less Than Lethal' Huh?

San Bernardino, CA

Electricity kills. Lightning strikes and Edison proved that. San Bernardino police are just carrying on a fine tradition of proving the point. With Tasers.

Cops were called to break up a fight at a board-and-care facility in San Bernardino yesterday. One of the fighters, a 19-year-old man, "...became combative and a Taser was depolyed to control him."

And boy did it. He started having trouble breathing and died an hour later at the hospital.

It's funny what fifty thousand volts will do to a guy. Sure, it usually beats shooting somebody. Fewer holes, at least. And he probably had something wrong going on already. Heart murmur, epilepsy. Who knows?

Which is kind of the problem with Tasers. You never know if someone's going to have an issue with it (beyond the screaming, I mean) until you hit him. And then it's too late.

At least with a baton or a shotgun beanbag you know what you're getting every time. Some cracked ribs, busted nose. Concussion.

That's right. Bring back the beatdown. High tech isn't always the answer. You can kill somebody just as effectively with a Mag-lite as you can with a taser if you really want to.

And it's a good cardio work-out you keep it up long enough.


Chris said...

Wow -- back with a vengeance today, I see!

Gerard Saylor said...

Well, looking at from the handle side of the batons the tasers are good because cops end up getting hurt during all the fighting. One advantage of the taser is the distance you keep from Mr. Fisty Cuffs.