Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's What's On The Outside That Matters

Century City, CA

I know Tiffany's for three things.  Audrey Hepburn, random silver tchotchkes, and those little blue bags that so many women seem to go batshit over.  Seriously.  What's with the bags?  

Carry the goddamn things around like they're badges of honor.  Doesn't have to be anything in them, either.  Pack your lunch in one.  The point is that you'll be the envy of all the other desperate brides going for a powder blue wedding.

Which makes me think these guys kind of missed the point.

Three armed men robbed the Tiffany & Company store over in the Century City mall.  Smashed display cases, grabbed jewelry, snagged some cash.

But did they take the bags?  That's what you really want.  Sell those things on the black market and you'll make a killing.  

Fuck the diamond stick pins and silver heart-shaped keychains.  It's the bags, people.  

The bags.


KateH said...

The bags. Smile. Diamond stickpins. Anther smile. A post not about horrible people, doing horrible things. Big smile.

inkgrrl said...

Armed robbery's not exactly done by the nice folks, but yes, that's probably what caught his eye. We all need a break from the shitty things out there.

Mike Dennis said...

I agree with Stephen. Somebody please explain the deal with the bags.