Monday, February 15, 2010

How Far Is It To Babylon?

About 8 hours.

At least that's how long it takes to get around to Stateline, NV where a man with a gunshot to his leg wandered into a casino yesterday morning "acting suspiciously", which I assume means limping and leaving a trail of blood behind him. He ran when casino security questioned him, eventually crashing the car he was driving.

Turns out the car was registered to somebody in Westminster. Nevada called the cops out in California around 1:30 in the afternoon and when Westminster PD got there about half an hour later they found a dead woman and an injured man. Guy's in the hospital listed in grave condition.

This one has it all. Gunfire, murder, maybe a love triangle. Slowly bleeding out as the killer makes his flight across the desert. Nothing but the static of dead radio and the metronome of yellow lines passing by in his headlights. Alone with his thoughts, his brain eating itself like a salted slug.

Man, if it weren't real life, that'd be a damn fine read.

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