Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That's Why We Got Ten Of 'Em

Los Angeles, CA

Last month Daryl Barnett was convicted of felony battery of a police officer.  That means he walloped on a cop.  Which, in this town, has traditionally been met with returning said wallop by said police officer.  Multiple times.  With truncheons, fists, tasers, large rocks, what have you.  Said walloping is usually followed by a lengthy jail sentence.

Instead, last Thursday he walked with three months probation.  Walkin' tall.  Outta jail.  Having a grand old time strutting around not eating prison loaf and pissing in a stainless steel toilet.

Which means that last Saturday night he's in a position to attack three people and remove one of their fingers.

I know you're asking the obvious question.  Why was he out on probation after being convicted of felony battery of a police officer?  But that one's easy.  I can think 218 million reasons.

But what I really want to know is how did he get the guy's finger off?  Did he pull it?  Bite it?  Use bolt-cutters?  Fingers aren't exactly detachable.  They don't just pop off.  

And what happened to it?  Did he swallow it?

Yeah, I know, I’m disturbed.  We’ve been over this before.

But I bet you want to know, too.

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Mike Dennis said...

Does Stephen Blackmoore really exist or is this an excerpt from some psycho-noir novel?