Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't Even Know My Real Name

Los Angeles, CA

The LAPD is looking for Brian Alexik, 33. At least, they think they are.

Brian Alexik rented a downtown apartment. $3400 a month. Paid cash.

So, 11 days ago his neighbors smell something funny. Kind of like gasoline. They call the fire department. Fire department knocks, Mr. Alexik won't open up. Fire calls police. Police break down door.

Alexik is last seen heading down the fire escape with several duffel bags. The police didn't catch him. Maybe they didn't even go after him right away.

Understandable, really. All that counterfeiting equipment, stacks of money, the camera tripod and the AK-47 sitting in the corner would give anyone pause.

Seems Mr. Alexik was making fake hundreds. Really good fake hundreds. $15K worth. And he had passports. Same guy, different names.

Oh yeah, and his apartment had a great view of the U.S. Federal Reserve building on Grand Avenue.

What the fuck was this guy up to?

And what was in the duffel bags he took with him? Considering what he left behind they must have been pretty fucking important.

They've got one lead, at least. Guy name of Greg Koller. Seems to be a buddy of Alexik's. They're holding him on narcotics possession, but I expect they'll be tacking on something for all that equipment to make weapons that they found in his home.

Just wait, this one's just gonna get a whole lot weirder. This shit always does.

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Paul D. Brazill said...

That's a beut of an opening! Pretty scary too. Thank god for nosey neighbours.