Thursday, April 22, 2010

That's One Pissed Off Geezer

Hollywood, CA

Last month an Armenian woman was found shot to death in her car in Hollywood. Not long after police realized she was related to a man and their 8-year-old daughter who'd been gunned down in 2008 in their apartment.

Both times they were discovered by the eldest daughter, who is now the last surviving member of the family. I suspect she's been awfully nervous for a while now.

Well, the cops have made an arrest, picking up a 70-year-old man they believe is connected with the killings. No name released, yet.

So, if he's the guy, and in cases like this I don't see the LAPD tossing this kind of news around unless they think they've got something, gets embarrassing when they don't, I have to wonder why. And just how pissed off this guy has to be.

Think about it. He's taken out almost the entire family. Waited two years and picked up where he left off.

That's some serious rage there. Dude's got some issues.

For the surviving daughter's sake I hope this is the guy and he can be put away and not be a threat, anymore. And I hope he's not a relative. This thing is fucked up enough as it is.


Gerard said...

Geezer noir.

DTK Molise said...

This story has some very interesting and strange undertones. Jealousy, family feud, and the unknown killer of a whole family. LA sure as hell has some dark stories to tell.

DTK Molise.