Friday, April 16, 2010

A To B To C To X

Los Angeles, CA

Conclusions. Those are those things that people like to leap to. Like mountain goats and the Alps. It uses that bizarre form of calculus where 1+1 = 18,374.

Take restaurateur Joshua Woodward, owner of Table 8 on Melrose. The LAPD is accusing him of giving his pregnant girlfriend doses of Misoprostol, which is used to control bleeding during childbirth, to induce a miscarriage of her 13-week-old fetus. They're looking at murder charges. They've confirmed the substance on him and they're testing some white powder at the woman's home as well.

And here's where things get freaky.

According to police he allegedly rubbed it on her.

Yes, that's right. Rubbed it.

Now, I'm not saying that wouldn't work. Lots of things soak in through the skin. But still. Rubbed it.

He didn't slip it into her food, which presumably he could have had a hand in preparing at one point, seeing as she's probably eaten at his restaurant. He didn't slip it into her drink, which he could have done as well. Table 8's got a bar, after all. I hear they make a mean Greyhound.

Seems like a bit of a leap.


They did find the stuff on him. On his hands even. As he was grinding up the tablets.

So maybe they're right. Stranger things have happened in this town.

Like, say, Angelyne. If that can happen here, anything can.

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Gerard Saylor said...

A "mean Greyhound"? All you need is vodka and grapefruit. Now, a Salty Dog may be trickier with the salt and all.