Sunday, May 02, 2010

Criminal Tip #87,299: You Are Not Aquaman

Santa Monica, CA

One of the last things you should try in this town is get into a car chase with the police. They have more cars than you. They have helicopters, radios, guns. They know the streets better than you do. They can block the freeway offramps. There's nowhere to go.

Well, except the ocean.

A car chase that began last night in West L.A., looped up through Beverly Hills, and ran through Santa Monica finally ended this morning at the Santa Monica pier, where the driver got out of his car, jumped down to the sand, ran into the water.

And stood there.

Guess he can't swim. Or call the creatures of the sea to come to his aid.

Cops talked him out eventually. Easier than taking potshots at him from the beach, I suppose, though probably not nearly as fun.

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Anonymous said...

Thought you might find room in your heart for this guy:

I always get a morbid laugh from your writing.