Friday, May 07, 2010

"There Was A Little Bit of A Gunfight"

Los Angeles, CA

I've always thought of gunfights as a binary.  You either have one or you don't.  It's like being a little bit dead, kind of pregnant.  

But when your days are filled with AK toting psychos, murders at burger joints and prison riots, I suppose you can be forgiven for the occasional undestatement.  

Hood Day.  Sort of like gangbanger Christmas, I guess.  Match the gang's neighborhood with a date and, voila! Hood Day.  Least that's how I understand it.  Party central.  Fireworks and everything.  Or at least gunfire.  

So some guys from Blood Stone Villains and Compton Piru rent this Hummer limo and head down to Dockweiler yesterday to celebrate.  Nice Spring day down at the beach.  People want to be outside.  Have a good time.

Great plan until you run into folks who don't like you.
"There was a little bit of a gunfight," said Sgt. Ron Pickering of the LAPD's Pacific Division. "People scattered and the limo driver took off."
The limo took some gunfire.  Nailed a guy and dragged him down the street.  Somebody else got hit in the chest.

Messy day, that's for sure.  But the guy I feel sorry for?  The one who owns the limo.  Make you rethink that whole 'renting out to guys with guns' thing.  Hope he's covered for bulletholes.

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Kieran Shea said...

Little bit of a gun fight? Okay, then...pardner, lemme just hitch up my britches and take a looksee.

Sweet grooving Christ on a cracker...