Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Because Tuesday's Taco Night

Lake Forest, CA

A couple of weeks ago James Edward Neal, 56, a former NASCAR driver, was sentenced to thirty days for a high speed chase from Orange County to San Diego. Cops actually called off the chase. Then his engine died and they took him into custody.

He didn't do the full thirty. He was released on Monday. And then, about four hours later, went over to the house of a woman he met while in prison allegedly raped her.

Four hours. Man, you really want to be in jail, don't you? What, is there a pinochle match you were just dying to be a part of? Couldn't be away from all those friends you made in the week and a half you were in there? Are the cots really that comfy?

Well, he tried so hard to get back in that it looks like the judge is giving him a hand. Bail's set for a cool million.

Enjoy your time on the other side, Jimmy. You fought hard for it.

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Kieran Shea said...

140 mph. cops give up, and yet you stay on the freeway until you get caught after your engine fails? brilliant.