Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jesus, They're Poppin' Out All Over

Frank Bill's novel DONNYBROOK, which I keep hearing from those lucky fuckers who have somehow managed to get their grubby hands on a copy even though it hasn't been published yet, and his collection of short stories, CRIMES OF SOUTHERN INDIANA has been picked up by FSG.

This guy kicks ten kinds of ass. Check out his stories in Beat To A Pulp, Plots With Guns and the upcoming Needle.

Guy's got style oozing out of orifices you didn't know you had.

So, who's next?

Chris Holm? How about Kieran Shea? Or Kate Horsley?

How about Steve Weddle, Keith Rawson, Kent Gowran, Daniel O'Shea, John Hornor, Chuck Wendig?

I won't take bets. I can't figure it out. They're all really fucking good. Check out those sites up there. Read some of their fiction.

You'll see what I mean.


Greg Bardsley said...

I say, all of 'em. .. It's an exciting time .... As for Frankie, he's the real deal with a narrative voice all his own, and stories that ring your neck. He also happens to be a great guy, which makes it even sweeter.

Frank Bill said...

Thanks guys. But hey I'm in good company and appreciate all of the support. And congrats to you Mr. Blackmoore on your book deal.