Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Once I'd Like To See Someone Gruntled

Inglewood, CA

Passive Arts Studios is a fetish club off La Cienega next to the airport. Last week employee David Edward Albert, 54, was fired.

Last night he killed the owner and his dog and burned the place down.

Or maybe it was the other way around. They haven't determined cause of death, yet.

The bodies of the owner, John Cavine, and his dog were found in the wreckage of the nondescript building in an industrial section off the freeway. Deputies found Albert hiding in the bushes outside the club. He was injured and claimed to have been hit by a car as he was crossing the street.

Nobody's really buying it. Can't imagine why.

By the way, can we get rid of "Disgruntled"? Just strike it from the language? How about "Crazy Motherfucker", "Murdering Bastard", "Big Joey's Next Prison Bitch"? Something.

Fuck I hate that word. Sounds like a rectal disorder.

Now I guarantee that the big focus on this in the press isn't going to be the murder, the arson, or even the killing of the dog, though I'm sure they'll play that one up.

No, what they'll do is focus on the bondage club and its patrons. We'll be able to enjoy a few nights of tape covered nipples on the news and see lots of tattoos, piercings and latex as they jump on it as though it's some sort of freak show.

Hell, I would. It sells papers.

And really, is this blog post any better?


Chris said...

Disgruntled is what I am when the drive-thru fucks up my order. That's a little different from the kind of rage that drives someone to murder, I'd think.

Mike Dennis said...

But if he's disgruntled, he probably has peccable taste. That way he might remain combobulated.

Anonymous said...

This was a decent post, left me whelmed.

inkgrrl said...

I'm pretty sure a proper gruntle would involve tweed and snorting and fire-tossing. You sure you want to see it up close?

Sophia Walker said...

I would love to say what I really think but right now my employer is tracking my internet use...