Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So They Nabbed Themselves A Serial Killer - UPDATED

Los Angeles, CA


His name is Lonnie David Franklin Jr., 51. Seems they got him on DNA.

More as things come up.



We've had this serial killer in L.A> going by the name The Grim Sleeper because he took a 14 year break from killing black women in South L.A.

The problem has been that he's left a lot of DNA evidence at the scenes but they had no one to link it to. Now, presumably, they do.

Because the LAPD has announced they've made an arrest.

I'm just hoping they got the right guy this time. The last serious suspect they had was a pasty white guy in a Fresno jail named Roger Hausman.

One, how is anyone not going to notice this guy trawling a black neighborhood looking for prostitutes?

Two, who the hell's going to get into a car with him? He looks like Don Knotts on meth.

Three, he's an idiot. Seriously. He was nabbed on kidnapping charges in Fresno for taking a couple of girls out with the excuse that they were going to help him repo cars. And then he decided to defend himself.

It didn't go well.

He got cleared by the mis-matched DNA evidence. Didn't do it. SURPRISE! Kind of embarrassing.

Crossing fingers that they got him this time. Guy needs to go to jail for a long time.


Mike Sperry said...

14 year hiatus?
Somebody was doing time and just got out.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Possibly, but they did announce that as a dead end a while back.

They ran the DNA against everyone they could get their hands on in or who had been in the prison system (Federal and state) and there were no hits.

Of course, doesn't mean they got everybody.

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