Saturday, July 17, 2010

We'll See How This Ends In 2035

Riverside, CA

In September 2006 the bodies of two day laborers, Marvin Gabriel, 22, and Milton Chavez, 28, were found hogtied and duct-taped in the back of a Honda Accord in the Lake Mathews area in Riverside.

About a week later Brooke Rottiers, Omar Hutchison and Franchune Dyuel Epps were picked up by police.

All three have now been convicted of murder with Hutchison and Epps facing life in prison without parole. Rottiers is looking at the death penalty.

So about four years start to finish. Is it me or does that seem like a pretty fast turnaround?

Of course, that's just the trial. The sentence is something else. I have to wonder why we even bother with the death penalty, anymore. Rottiers is more likely to die of old age than she is at the hands of the state. Average time seems to be about twenty-five years.

I imagine, from reading the comments being left here, reactions will be mixed.

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Mike Dennis said...

That's California. Even though the death penalty is on the books, they just can't bring themselves to actually use it. Think Scott Peterson will ever lie on the gurney?Ditto a few other hand-wringing states.

Want to see it put into action? Try Texas. They're executing guys who committed murders in this decade. Imagine that!