Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tap A Vein

Check this out.

That there is the summer issue of Needle Magazine. Lots of chewy, noiry goodness inside. Seriously, this thing is loaded with some amazing writers.

It's got stories by Ray Banks, Nolan Knight, John Stickney, Frank Bill, Julie Summerell, Nigel Bird, Sarah Weinman, Allan Leverone, Chris F. Holm, David Cranmer, Mike Sheeter and Me.

Worth every penny, believe me. And when you order your copy plug in the code FREESHIP at checkout. I hear rumors that you get, you know, free shipping with that.

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MulhollandBooks said...

This looks really cool--I saw the preview at Lulu and the design is super-slick. I might just order it, too. Congrats on being featured in the summer issue, too!

So glad to see your comments on the Mulholland Books website. I anticipate that the website will become a hub for thriller/mystery/suspense/crime writers and readers, so please keep coming back and participating in the discussion.