Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Missed Opportuniy For Irony

Westlake, Los Angeles, CA

Man, cops shoot one guy who might have just been a misunderstood drunk or could possibly have been brandishing a knife at several people including the officers, and people just won't let that go.

Who'da thunk?

So tonight protesters are again massing at the site near 6th and Union in Westlake where Manuel Jamines was killed by police Sunday after allegedly coming at them with a knife and threatening several people with it.

At some point police fired two volleys of non-lethal projectiles at the crowd, which consisted of men, women, children even. And my favorite
Several people, meanwhile, were shouting angrily into loudspeakers and a group of young men are weaving through the crowd on bicycles. A vendor hawked bags of potato chips.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit. Alive and well in these times of social upheaval. The rock upon which our great nation crashed. The forge within which this country was annee- annull- anal-

Beat into shape.

It's good to see the LAPD responding with their usual measured and thoughtful response. Aren't you folks glad they didn't use real bullets?

Well, we haven't had a really good riot in years. I suppose we're due.

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Mike Sperry said...

Potato chips.

See, if this demonstration had been directed by Mel Brooks, the guy would have been selling rotten fruit for throwing at the cops.