Thursday, September 30, 2010

RUT By Scott Phillips And The Concord Free Press

There's this book, RUT, by Scott Phillips. He's the guy wrote The Ice Harvest. And if you haven't read it, the fuck is wrong with you? Get a copy. Now. I'll wait.

We good? Okay.

So, RUT.
Rut, a wild and original novel from Scott Phillips, takes readers to the Rocky Mountains circa 2050, where the once thriving burg of Gower is about to become a 21st-century ghost town. Thanks to extreme weather and plenty of toxic waste, the skiers and celebrities are gone, along with the money and the veneer of civilization. What’s left? Old-time religion and brand-new pharmaceuticals, bad food and warm beer, mutated animals and small-town gossip. Can the town survive? We’ll see.
Sounds fun, doesn't it?

That brings us to the Concord Free Press. They print books and they give them away for free.

Yes, you read that right. They'll give you a book, this book in fact, free.

They only ask two things.

Give some cash to a charity. What charity? How much? That's your call. Homeless shelter, food pantry, that guy down the street who's eating leftover cat food out of a dumpster and screaming at the moon.

Give the book to somebody else to read when you're done. Ask them to give it to somebody to read when they're done. Okay, fine, that's three things.

Are they going to check on you? Don't be an idiot. Of course not. They're not the charity police. They assume you're a decent, intelligent sort that wants to do right by your fellow man/woman/hyper-intelligent-mutant-robot-headed-simian. And that you like books.

"But how," I hear you cry in a fit capitalistic hand wringing, "do they make any money?!"

They don't. That's actually kind of the idea. They depend upon the kindness of strangers, on grants, on the idea that people will recognize something good for society in general when they see it and pony up a little cash if they can.

Culture isn't something that should be predicated on money. Yes, we all want to make some scratch. Yes, everything costs. But sometimes it's actually in our collective best interest to give it away.

Get a book out there, get it read. Get people thinking, talking to each other. God forbid, MAKING CONNECTIONS. Maybe helping out their fellow man a little, too.

I know, blasphemy, right? I can hear my tight-fisted Chinese ancestors spinning in their graves right now.

The Concord Free Press is going to be taking book orders for RUT come October 22nd. I'll whine at you some more as that date comes up. In the meantime, spread the word. Keep spreading the word.

And maybe give a book or two away to your friends and some cash to that homeless guy howling at the moon.

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Lou Boxer said...

I need this book now! Long live Scott Phillips!