Monday, October 25, 2010

Crimefactory - Get It While It's Hot

New Crimefactory, boys and girls. Grab yourselves a copy here.

Keith Rawson and that crazy Australian Cameron Ashley have delivered one hell of an issue.

Features by Andrew Nette, Gary Lovisi, The Nerd of Noir, Eric Beetner, Audrey Homan, and Jimmy Callaway.

New fiction by Charlie Williams, Sandra Ruttan, Patricia Abbott, Matthew C. Funk, Paul D. Brazill, John Weagley, Jim Winter, Chad Rohrbacher, Erik Lundy, Richard Godwin and Calvin Seen.

Oh, yeah, and me with a sordid little tale of heroin, homelessness and handjobs called ROSALIE'S BIG DAY.

Congratulations guys, and thanks for squeezing me in there. You got yourselves some fine talent between those pages.


Jimmy Callaway said...

The three H's.

Kerry said...

Hey, Stephen, good ish, really liked "Rosalie".