Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Teaching His Boy A Trade

Burbank, CA

When you're taking your child out for an afternoon stroll, it's important to pack the necessities. Bottle, diaper bag, slim jim.

Frederic Strobel, 31, was arrested yesterday while taking his two-year-old out for a walk. He allegedly walked the stroller past a car, broke in, stole a GPS and some CDs and then strolled himself and his young ward away.

I see what he's doing and he should be lauded not locked up.

You can't start an education early enough. Sure, the kids verbal skills don't extend far beyond "Eeeeengh," but frequent exposure sticks.

For example, I'm sure the child will know exactly what to do when he gets arrested for the first time.

Thanks for those important lessons, pop! You're a peach.

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Tiff Cunkbag said...

I'm the child's mother kind of nasty to be talking about my son's first arrest asshole. He was an innocent child get a life