Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Not So Happy Ending

Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Everybody gets stressed. Even the rich. Especially the rich. All that money to hoard, all those immigrant nannies to hide. They need to relax, take a load off, get a massage.

But not just any massage. No, that would never do. It has to be good. No. Great. And exotic.

They need the Crystal Spa, "The Most Enjoyable Asian Massage in Town"

And considering that they've just been closed by the city on allegations of prostitution, I think we can all say that's a pretty goddamn fine massage.

Police in Rolling Hills Estates closed the spa down after an investigation where they caught (entrapped) one of the masseuses accepting $60.00 for a "sex act".

Apparently the Daily Breeze can't say handjob.

And sixty dollars? In Rolling Hills? Jesus, folks, aim a little higher. Sixty bucks is pocket lint for these people.

I wonder what tipped off the cops. Maybe their tag line? And now that "The Most Enjoyable Asian Massage in Town" is gone, where will these well to do gentlemen of leisure get their $60.00 happy endings?

Oh, the tribulations of the rich. My heart goes out to you exploiters of the immigrant labor force. Truly, it does.

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Jimmy Callaway said...

Yes, but why do they only massage Asians?