Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Dangerous Occupation

Los Angeles, CA

Lot of jobs out there can get you hurt. Police, fire... crossing guard?

Yep. Shirley Mayberry, a 59-year-old crossing guard runs the busy Firestone Boulevard crossing outside Russell Elementary School. When a black Ford Expedition (how cliche can you get?) made a turn from Hopper she did what she's supposed to do. Raised her sign and told the driver to stop.

The driver, Jose Hernandez, 27, wasn't keen on that idea. In fact yelled at her that he wouldn't stop. Seems he did, anyway, because his passenger, Vanessa Del Pilar Martinez, 20, got out of the car and punched Mrs. Mayberry (Mayberry for chrissakes! Sheriff Andy's gonna be pissed) knocking her to the ground and stealing her whistle and stop sign.

Both Hernandez and Martinez were arrested on robbery charges shortly thereafter and are being held on $50K bail a pop.

See, now this wouldn't happen if we just armed the crossing guards. Nobody's gonna fuck with Mrs. Mayberry if she's swinging around a Ruger Blackhawk in a nice, fat .44.

Enough with the whistle and stop sign shit. Give her a Remington 870 pump with Brenneke slugs. Couple of those in your engine block and damn right you're stopping, motherfucker.

Absurd levels of violence. Is there nothing it can't do?

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