Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mister Tanner's Wild Ride

Santa Clarita, CA

Aaron Clay Tanner has problems with impulse control.

This is evidenced by the multiple stab wounds his mother suffered from him while in his car on the 14 Freeway near Mission Hills yesterday afternoon. And by the fact that he then threw her out onto the busy road.

After which he crashed into a car at the bottom of the Newhall Avenue offramp, attacking a woman and carjacking her PT Cruiser.

With her 4-year-old son inside.

The PT Cruiser was found by a Deputy a few miles down the road, where Tanner had rear-ended yet another vehicle and then backed into a tree. While the Deputy went to help the child in the car, Tanner ran around and stole another car.

The Deputy's car.

He crashed that, too. Rolled it even. Down a hill.

Where it caught fire.

Then, because you know this fun train just ain't stoppin', the locks holding the squad car's shotgun in place came loose.


On the plus side Deputies got to him before he got to the shotgun. Hauled him out of the car.

So he bit them.

In return they Tasered him. A lot.

By my count that's five crashed cars, four stab wounds, three injured victims, two traumatized mothers and one batshit crazy fucker in lockup.

Only seven days left of Christmas to fill up and we could have had a song.


Chris said...

This is brilliant. I love the holidays.

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, I *so* want a holiday song.

Ben said...

Depending on the number of deputies, you might be able to get "six cops a-tasering."

J said...

Definitely rocks, though at night, so not-so-great pursuit footage. Few things gratify like a televised pursuit down say the 5 and around Burbank gratifies, especially one that ends with a tweeking perp smashing up his vehicle and others--then making a run for it, or pulling a gat and like tasered or shot by the cowboys.