Thursday, December 09, 2010

The "Oops" Factor

Beverly Hills, CA

Last week, Harold Smith, the suspect in the Ronni Chasen murder, shot himself as police were coming to question him. Upon checking the gun BHPD declared it was not the one that was used to kill her.

Then they handed it over to the L.A. Sheriff's Department for further ballistics testing and ta-da! they declared that it WAS the gun used to kill her.

This is what's great about television forensics. They never screw up.

Unless it's for dramatic effect and the wrong man goes to jail and the real killer is still on the loose and has gotten close to the protagonist, a spunky, young NYPD detective who's fought her way to the top with her tough as nails attitude and tough as nails nails that never chip, even though she never lets anyone into her secret heart of hearts and now that this murderer destroys her trust and tries to kill her she will NEVER LOVE AGAIN.

All because somebody jacked up the ballistics report.

Good one, nameless forensics CSI tech. You've just shattered a young woman's heart when she was just getting over the cancer death of her first love who she was going to marry and live out her dreams as a painter of landscapes at her family's farm in Connecticut and have five children and grow old together, you cold, ruthless, incompetent BASTARD.

Oh, well. There go my dreams of an Altmanesque Hollywood conspiracy. Where's Johnny Stompanato when you need him?


michael said...

Since when does a fact stop claims of a conspiracy? Maybe "They" got to the Sheriff's department. Maybe "They" are so powerful they faked the proof that the gun was the murder weapon? Remember the alleged shooter had told everyone he was waiting to be paid $10,000. If it was a robbery, why was nothing taken? He was able to place five perfect shots while riding on a bicycle?

If they had said it was a failed robbery in the beginning, everyone would have accepted it. But the way this was handled is a conspiracy fan dream.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Yeah, it does seem awfully convenient, doesn't it?