Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Else Is She Gonna Use The Carpool Lane?

Costa Mesa, CA

I like driving with people in the car.  I don't really care who.  Bums, winos, Bell City councilmen.  After all, I'm just using them to shave some time off the 405.  

But even I draw the line at corpses.

On the 18th police responded to a car parked illegally in front of a driveway on Tustin Avenue in Costa Mesa and found a body in the passenger seat.

Probably about a year ago Signe Margit of Laguna Hills started living in a friend's 1997 Mercury Marguis.  At some point Margit died, the friend lost her shit and, instead of calling the cops, wrapped the body in clothes and left her there.  

And kept driving the car.

For ten months.

The driver is said to have fought the smell with an open box of baking soda.  That shit barely works in my fridge, I can't imagine what it must have been like in Orange County in the height of summer.

Anyway, police are trying to figure out what happened to Margit from the time she lost contact with her family in December of '09 to the time she hooked up with the owner of the car.

So if you know anything give Detective Mike Cohen or Sergeant Ed Everett a call at 714-754-5178 and 714-754-5395.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Crimefactory - Get It While It's Hot

New Crimefactory, boys and girls. Grab yourselves a copy here.

Keith Rawson and that crazy Australian Cameron Ashley have delivered one hell of an issue.

Features by Andrew Nette, Gary Lovisi, The Nerd of Noir, Eric Beetner, Audrey Homan, and Jimmy Callaway.

New fiction by Charlie Williams, Sandra Ruttan, Patricia Abbott, Matthew C. Funk, Paul D. Brazill, John Weagley, Jim Winter, Chad Rohrbacher, Erik Lundy, Richard Godwin and Calvin Seen.

Oh, yeah, and me with a sordid little tale of heroin, homelessness and handjobs called ROSALIE'S BIG DAY.

Congratulations guys, and thanks for squeezing me in there. You got yourselves some fine talent between those pages.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Not The Usual L.A. Traffic

Los Angeles, CA

On the 27th, 14-year-old Krystina Cordasco went missing from her home in Upland. She's a habitual runaway. I'm not going to conjecture why.

Anyway, on Tuesday last week one Leroy Bragg, 34, an alleged pimp in Hawthorne, (who's got quite the mouth breather thing going there) was arrested in connection with her disappearance.

The good news is that she's been found. Apparently called her mom when she discovered that Bragg had been arrested.

The bad news is that Bragg reportedly beat her, drugged her, and turned her ass out onto the street to earn him upwards of 600 bucks a night.

The worse news is that, according to her father, she's supposedly been doing this a few months now. She was picked up by police last week and then this week went and did it again.

The worse worse news is that the police and the FBI think that this is a normal occurrence for Mr. Bragg, claiming that he is involved in a human trafficking prostitution ring that targets middle-school girls.

Trafficking. What a mild word for it.

Bragg's being held on $1.3 million bail and, though not being charged with kidnapping, he is being charged with things like human trafficking and pimping minor girls. If he gets nailed he's on a third strike.

He's pleaded not guilty of course and I can't imagine there being any kind of plea bargain that doesn't involve him naming names and helping hook bigger fish.

And if he does that, I wonder how much his life will be worth in the can. I'm thinking not much. Jail for life, or jail with a bunch of guys you narced on who stick a shiv in you in the shower.

So, you know, a win-win situation.