Thursday, January 20, 2011

David Jaime Del Toro - Yes, Ladies And Gentlemen We Have A Trial!

Los Angeles, CA

Little background. LA Fire Department Captain David Jaime Del Toro is accused of murdering and dragging Jennifer Flores' as she hung out of the back of his pickup truck (presumably already dead) a quarter mile from his house in Eagle Rock to the place where she was dumped back in 2006.

It was a messy, and rather long crime scene as I'm sure you can imagine.

You can read about it here and here.

For a more complete picture, read the comments. There's a novel's worth of drama in there already.

I have gotten more hits looking for a status on Mr. Del Toro's pending trial than anything else in this blog's short lifespan. It's been over four years and no trial, prompting this anonymous comment some time ago as way of explanation.

It's actually a little odd that this appears to be the only place this has been discussed up to now.

So the other night I saw this comment come across the transom:
Looks like David is finally on trial. He has been in court all week. Why no news from the Media?
And lo and behold they're right!

Judge Lance Ito (Yes, that Lance Ito) is presiding over the case and it looks like prosecution isn't going after the death penalty. Smart of them. I doubt they'd get it.

Anyway, trial is supposed to end February 18th. But let's be honest that ain't gonna happen. With all the delays they've had so far? I'm not seeing it.


Anonymous said...

2/2/11 Just heard a blurb about the trial on the radio. Analyst said the defense may pull out the old "he was too drunk to know what he was doing" card. That never worked for me.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Yeah, I see that flying like a lead balloon.

Anonymous said...

2/3/11 Not to worry. The rocket-scientists on the site you linked ( have figured out that the whole episode was an elaborate conspiracy targeting the innocent and charming young Del Toro.

What an interesting site, that - one that allows posters to flame others as liars, whores, and murderers BY NAME, ostensibly enjoying complete impunity from the site's published 'terms of service' not to mention minimal measures of decorum.

If Del Toro's jury includes even one Mensa who thinks like some of the posters, he'll get a hung jury at least - if not a full acquittal.