Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nobody Said Equality Had To Be Good, Just Equal

Anaheim, CA

Kim Rebar Henry, 56, of Fullerton hates... well, everyone.

Blacks, Catholics, Chinese, Mexicans. And she's been letting the world know in her creative, heartfelt graffiti. Such mind-boggling phrases as "Kill the slit-eye chink niggers," and "Kill the Cathlics(sic)".

On the plus side she's very inclusive. Really taking that whole equality thing to heart. Why I wouldn't be surprised to see something about Navajo Eskimo Samoan Mormons next.

Her downfall? Those Cathlics she's going on about? Turns out they had the nerve to set up a surveillance camera on their church. I mean, really. Who'da thunk it?

Though they picked her up for that one they're pretty clear they can nail her on 8 more. I mean, it doesn't take hand-writing analysis to figure this one out. Just a copy of Strunk & White.

Better? Her mugshot. Check this out.

Man, that one's gonna give me nightmares. She looks like she's been hit with a chunk of rebar.

See what I did there? See? Rebar? No?

Just gonna ignore that one, huh? Probably just as well. They can't all be gems.

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Kevin Burton Smith said...

Hmmm... I wonder if the white-wine swilling "graffit-is-art-and-therefore-the-law-doesn't-apply" crowd of armchair poseurs and mouth-breathers will be rushing to defend her right to deface public and private property.

Just wonderin'....