Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Read An Awesome Story Before It Gets Awesomererer

Incredibly fucking rad author Chris Holm had his story, The Hitter, in Needle Magazine #2 last year.

On Monday it was picked up as part of the 2011 Best American Mystery Stories anthology edited by Otto Penzler and Harlan Coben.

Now, you could read an excerpt from the story here or buy a copy of Needle #2 here.

Or you can leave a comment below telling me just how much you NEED a copy of this issue, why you are so deserving of such an amazing anthology (because really that's what it is), and how your life would not be complete without a copy of Mr. Holm's story The Hitter to grace your shelves and I will motherfucking ship it to you.

Well, to one of you, at least.

Tell me why you of all people should get me, a working shlub like the rest of y'all to send to you, FREE OF CHARGE, a copy of the story that made Otto Penzler and Harlan Coben get stiffies just by being near its sheer awesomeness.

Whichever one I find the most entertaining gets a copy. So remember to leave your name and an email address so I can get back to you.

This goes on until Wednesday night (2/2/11) when I'll pick a winner. Let's say, 8PM PST.

And while you're at it, go check out Chris' other stories in his collection 8 Pounds.


Mike Dennis said...

My doctor told me I should have one more cheap thrill before I die.


Sean Patrick Reardon said...

If you don't send it to me, you will be playing Russian roulette every time you turn the ignition key ;) spreardon81(at)gmail(dot)com

Steve Weddle said...

That Holm dude does great work

Elizabeth said...

Hi. My name is ELizabeth, and I'm a bookaholic. I'm addicted to books, especially crime fiction, a weakness I humbly acknowledge. When I don't get a fix often enough, well, bad things happen. Unfortunately, my habit costs more than I can afford. But I really, really need the fix. If you don't send me this copy of Needle for free I will probably resort to sticking up a gas station - maybe a liquor store - in order to raise funds to support my habit. Of course, not really being much of a criminal I'd surely screw it up and get caught and end up in prison... do you really want that on your conscience?

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Considering how many hits that came to this post (lots) I can only surmise that everyone else either A) already has a copy, B) is too shy to leave a comment or C) didn't think they could match the sheer awesome of the three (Weddle doesn't count) of you.

So, because those slackers can't get off their lazy butts and say, "Gimme, gimme, gimme," I guess all three of you win.

Though I would like to see Elizabeth knock over a gas station. I think she'd be a natural.

I'll ping each of you for your mailing addresses later today.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Thanks Stephen, way cool of you!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your faith in my stickup abilities. Oh, and for the copy of Needle.

Mike Dennis said...

Thanks, Stephen. I liked all three responses, too.

Robert Carraher said...

Because Ever so often a man in a million is born. Gentle and soft, but he'd just as soon off you for looking the wrong way as not...I know men like that. A copy of The Needle will sooth them