Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who The Hell Is Ralph? The Saga Of David Del Toro Continues

So the trial of LAFD fire captain David Jaime Del Toro is finally underway.

For those who need a refresher, Del Toro is accused of strangling his girlfriend Jennifer Flores in 2006 and dragging her body a quarter mile behind his truck, leaving behind what the police have euphemistically called a "DNA trail". From what I understand you can still see it.

Police followed the trail to Del Toro's house where they found him drunk, confused and amidst signs of a struggle.

Last Friday, Monica Gibo, a former girlfriend who filed an assault charge against him in 2002, testified about his violent, drunken behavior. The charge led to court mandated counseling.

On Tuesday the coroner will testify. I hope they don't go with the phrase "DNA trail". That doesn't really get across the idea of what happens to a body when it's dragged down the street.

According to The Contra-Costa Times the defense is expecting to go with the idea that Flores left the house with someone else and Del Toro passed out on the bed, waking up to a mess and trying to clean it up.

Which leads us to the headline above.

A little while ago I got a couple anonymous comments HERE (scroll to the bottom - the comments go back to 2007) suggesting someone named Ralph might have been the responsible party.

Who's Ralph? I have no fucking idea. One commenter suggests he's an ex of Flores.

It seems odd that after 5 years of discovery the prosecution would not have figured this out and have something in place to counter that move. I mean, yes, sometimes cops screw up, but that would be kind of a big oversight.

Real life courtrooms aren't like TV courtrooms. Dramatic unveilings of The Real Killer(tm) don't happen very often and pretty much anything one side knows the other does too.

But then the defense doesn't have to prove he's innocent do they? They just have to toss the question into the jury's minds. And juries tend to be stupid.

Seriously, have you been in a juror waiting room Downtown? Yep, LA's best and brightest. No wonder this city's fucked up.


Elizabeth said...

"The charge led to court mandated counseling."

Obviously it didn't take.

RAS said...

The last article I can find regarding the trial is dated March 1, and states that the case went to the jury that day, now a week ago. I assume that means they are still deliberating. That doesn't seem like a good sign to me.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

I don't think it's necessarily a bad sign. We're talking about a murder case. At this point they're probably deliberating on whether it was planned.

I'd be surprised if they come back and say, "Nope, he didn't do it."

RAS said...

True. It certainly does seem as though there's plenty of evidence that he did it, but enough wiggle room for him to slip under the intent requirement for first degree murder. I'm just surprised there's been no peep from the press about it in over a week.

I first heard about the case several years ago because a friend is an LAPD criminologist who had the unfortunate luck to be on call the day they collected evidence. It's a good thing for Del Toro that my friend is not on that jury.