Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Be Careful What You Feed Your Man-Eating Terror Machine

Hemet, CA

Criminals seem to have this thing for exotic animals. Powerful animals. Mean animals. Animals they can chain up to guard their ill gotten treasures like some villain in a Conan comic. Tigers, bears, pit bulls.

But then they have to go and fuck 'em up.

Narcotics agents raided a Hemet pot house Tuesday and found, amid the Orange Bud, Purple Power and Hindu Kush they found an alligator.

A really mellow alligator. They hauled it off after taping its mouth shut.

What the hell's the point of having a man-eating reptile around to guard your stash when it's dipping into the chronic?

Feds bust down the door and it's all, "Quick, Reggie, sic 'em!"

Only the gator's all, "Yeah, I'll get there, man. Just, you know, chill. Hey, you want a hit?"

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John Hornor said...

Awesome. This post reminds me of college, strangely.