Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Azusa, CA

If you've got a body to dump, then the Angeles National Forest is the place for you. It's got ravines, coyotes, cougars. Pull off the 39, toss that corpse out the trunk and you're good to go.

But then your back hurts from hauling 200 pounds of dead weight, you have to clean the trunk because you forgot to put the plastic down, and that never helps, anyway, what with all those potholes, and now you're covered in this poor bastard's blood.

What's a thug with a blackmailing bookie to do?  Easy.

Drive him up there, then shoot him. No muss, no fuss. Simple, foolproof, flawless.

Except for that bit where the three bullets you pump into his back don't kill him.

It's always something.

1 comment:

Graham Powell said...

Like I tell all my boys, you gotta put one in the brain.