Friday, April 22, 2011

Laid Low By Mister Peanut

Los Angeles, CA

Tattoos can be so many things. Symbols, a chronicle of life's events, a warning to others of what not to let your friends needle into your forehead when you're passed out in an alley in Galveston.

Sometimes, they can even lead to homicide convictions.

Back in 2004 23-year-old John Juarez was shot to death in a Pico-Rivera liquor store. Detectives were stumped.  The murder went into the cold case file.

And then L.A. Sheriff's deputies arrested Anthony Garcia on an unrelated offense. Turns out he had tattooed the murder scene onto his chest. Had the liquor store, the streetlamp across the street, the way the body fell, the name of the gang, Rivera-13, that did the hit. The body of Juarez was pictured as a peanut, a rival gang member.  Top hat and everything.

L.A. County Sheriff's detective Kevin Lloyd, who had been at the scene of the 2004 slaying caught sight of the tat while flipping through mugshots in 2008. One thing led to another and a couple years later Garcia's rattling on to a Sheriff's detective in a jail cell about how he murdered the guy.

Of course he thought he was a fellow gang member in there with him at the time. I mean he's stupid, but he's not that... Okay, yeah, he's just stupid.

I mean, come on, he tattooed his murder scene onto his chest.  Boy's not exactly Mensa material.

(Hat tip to Mack Reed for the link)


Terrill Lee Lankford said...

If you made this stuff up for a book or a movie no one would believe it.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

A pity, too, because I so want to use this.